Thursday, January 27, 2011

Something about Etsy Treasuries

What are "Treasuries"?
This is one of the beautiful treasuries I was featured in today, It was made by Omiya:
I opened my Sterling silver Jewelry shop on Etsy a few months ago.
Treasuries are one of my favorites ways to promote Etsy shops - of other sellers and of yourself.
Etsy members are making treasuries from items they loved. 
Each treasury is made of 16 items from 16 different shops (you can't put yourself in your treasury!), each treasury has special theme, color or idea that was chosen by the creator.
Every hour or so, the front page of Etsy show another treasury and off course every one wants to be there!
Thousands of people are watching this page!!
So I am doing a lot of treasuries (usually one or two everyday) and in return people are putting my items in their treasuries (15-20 everyday).
I want to thank to my all wonderful Etsy friends!!!


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